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For All Conditions

The KX 1, with its IPX 7 waterproof rating, is designed to thrive in the most demanding conditions. Its hard polycarbonate cover, featuring an acrylic lens, not only provides additional protection but also allows you to completely encase the sight. This assurance means you can continue your mission without hesitation, shielded from rain, snow, dirt, or mud, regardless of the elements.


Efficient Power Management

The KX 1 offers intelligent power management with a motion sensor that automatically turns off the red dot after 120 seconds of inactivity. It quickly reactivates with the slightest movement, ensuring optimal power usage and readiness when you need it. Enjoy extended battery life without the worry.


Endless Mounting Possibilities

The KX 1 features the Docter footprint, providing you with limitless mounting options. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a novice, you’ll appreciate the flexibility this sight offers.


Crystal-Clear 3 MOA Red Dot

The KX 1 boasts a brilliant 3 MOA red dot with 10 intensity levels. Whether you prefer manual adjustments or rely on the intelligent light sensor, you’ll always enjoy the perfect dot brightness, eliminating the need to fumble with buttons.


incl. VAT
art. nr. KX1WEAVER
incl. VAT
art. nr. KX1 BRG Mount
Specifications KX1 Weaver KX1 BRG Mount
Red dot size 3 MOA 3 MOA
Battery position Top mounted Top mounted
Battery type CR 1632 CR 1632
Length (mm) 47.6 47.6
Height (mm) 27.4 27.4
Width (mm) 30.6 30.6
SKU K280017 K280031
Parallax Parallax free Parallax free
Battery life 3.5 Years 3.5 Years
Auto-Off timer (hours) 6h 6h
Motion sensor sleep/wake Yes Yes
Illumination levels (operation type) 10 10
Chassis Aluminum Aluminum
Lens MHR Advanced +, PERMADURA (anti scratch) MHR Advanced +, PERMADURA (anti scratch)
Protective cover See through cover included, LED protected See through cover included, LED protected
Height adjustment 120 MOA 120 MOA
Side adjustment 120 MOA 120 MOA
Waterproof IPX7 IPX7
Gas filled Yes Yes
Mount standard Docter footprint Docter footprint
Mounting Weaver Browning Reflex mount
1 Click value 1 MOA 1 MOA
Weight (gr) 33 33
Warranty (years)* Lifetime Lifetime
* Warranty electronics (years) 10 10

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customer reviews

“Small and light”

Very practical and light, very good stability and brightness, recommended for 3 people, very good after-sales service: problem following an accidental fall, replaced free of charge through “Nature et Découvertes” the store where I bought them

Jean Luc

“compact 8x25”

Very good binoculars, recommended by 3 friends who are very happy with them. Very good brightness, practical to always have with you given their compact size.