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MONO ED (x42) 10x42


Il migliore monoculare Kite ed anche il migliore monoculare disponibile attualmente sul mercato.

Questo strumento è disponibile nelle versioni 8x42 e 10x42, è stato appositamente concepito per le persone che vedono da un solo occhio e dunque hanno bisogno solo di un monocolo. Ecco perché, sia sul piano ottico che tecnico, il Mono ED condivide delle caratteristiche molto simili con i binocoli Kite con prismi a visione diretta. Così, il Mono ED vanta un ampio campo visivo, una distanza di messa a fuoco minimale ravvicinata, una conchiglia oculare twist-up e una rotella di messa a fuoco a larghe scanalature.

Grazie alle nostre lenti ED e alle ultimissime tecniche di rivestimento, la luminosità e chiarezza dell’immagine sono semplicemente straordinarie.

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"Excellent small optic"


Having previously purchased some Lynx HD binoculars (which continue to be superb after a number of years!) I decided to add to my kit with a Mono HD. I had a number of reasons for this. Firstly, I wanted an optic that I could simply slip into a pocket for taking to watch sport and music concerts, secondly, I wanted something I could easily take out with me on a kayak for spotting that did not cause obstruction while wearing a life vest and thirdly I wanted an additional optic to keep handy next to my kitchen window for instant spotting! After much debate I took the 10x Mono HD. After 7 months of use I can safely say this is a fantastic piece of kit. It is compact but still has a sturdy feel in the hand. It's ergonomical focus is well balanced between being pronouned but precise, and it has satisfied all of my stated needs, often becoming the kit I reach for to take with me on any excursion! I have gone to many sporting events and indoor and outdoor musical performances and have been able to pop the mono in my jacket pocket, reach in for it when needed, spot and focus quickly and sharply. It is also lightweight enough for me to have accurately digiscoped freehand with some great results in amongst a busy rock music crowd! I've taken it out in dusk light spotting wildlife by boat and can attest that the scope is indeed waterproof and also excellent in low light. A great piece of kit and highly recommended for anyone looking for something with similar needs to mine or for a lightweight pocketable scope.

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"Avis KITE MONO ED 10X40"

Philippe ELOY

Optique de bonne qualité mais les deux caches de protection sont indignes de cette optique. Le frontal est trop grand et ne tient pas sur le fût du monoculaire et l'autre n'est rattaché à rien ?!
Vraiment dommage de bâcler la finition de ces 2 petits éléments de protection très importants.

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8X42 10X42
Magnification 8 10
Objective lens diameter (mm) 42 42
Min. focus (m) 1.45 1.45
Field of view (m) 142 113
eye relief (mm) 17 15
Height (mm) 140 140
Width (mm) 46 46
Weight (g) 320 320
Twilight factor 18.3 20.5
Prezzo consigliato 319 € 325 €
Code k281045 k281052

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