In accordance with the optical and mechanical quality of KITE instruments, the products are covered by extensive warranty periods. Below table shows the standard warranty period that comes with specific KITE models.
Should your product not, or no longer, be displayed in this list. Pleast take contact with us to learn about its warranty.
The buttons allow you to download the warranty cards provided with KITE binoculars and scopes.

warranty card binoculars and fieldscopes

warranty card rifle scopes

BINOCULARS warranty period
Bonelli 2.0 30y
Ibis ED 30y
Forster 30y
Lynx HD 30y
Petrel 30y
Toucan 30y
Marine 30y
Collibri 30y
Vireo 30y
Mono ED 30y
Birdwatcher 5y
Fitis  5y
Marine 5y
Compact  5y
Mono 5y


FIELDSCOPES (eyepiece included) warranty period
KSP HD 80 30y
SP 82 ED 30y
SP 82 30y
SP 60 30y
Falco 30y


RIFLE SCOPES warranty period
KSP HD series Lifetime


ACCESSORIES warranty period
Ardea CF 2y
adapters 2y
loupes 2y
pouches & straps 2y
MAG booster 2y






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