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URSUS 10x50



URSUS is the entry model of the KITE OPTICS professional roof prism range. It is an easy to use all-round pair of binoculars, designed for every day use and comes with an extensive 30 years warranty. The optical system benefits from the KITE MHR coating. A coating system that provides full multi coating on all lens surfaces, as well as a high reflective coating on the prism. This results in excellent colour balance, a bright and sharp image.


The KITE URSUS is fully waterproof and nitrogen gas filled, eliminating any chance of condensation from the inside. Its chassis is fully covererd with a strong rubber armor to give the instrument optimal protection against shocks and jolts.  


The soft-touch rubber armor is designed to provide maximum grip on the right places. The instrument is ultra light and well balanced, making it very comfortable to hold, to handle and to carry with you all day.
The short hinge design allows your fingers to wrap around the barrel, and use the instrument with one hand only.   


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"URSUS 8x42 Jumelles"


Très bonne achat. un plaisir pour découvrir la nature

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Vergrößerung 10
Objektiv durchmesser (mm) 50
Austrittspupillen 4.88
kürzeste Einstellentfernung (m) 1.9
Sehfeld (m/1000 m) 110
Augenabstand (mm) 17
Pupillendistanz (mm) 74-55
Höhe (mm) 170
Max Breidte (mm) 140
Min Breidte (mm) 122
Gewicht (g) 940
Dämmerungszahl 22.4
Wasserdicht ja
Stickstoffgefüllt ja
Garantie (Jahre) 30
Empfohlener Preis 310 €
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